When should I turn off the aquarium light?

At nighttime, aquarium lighting must be switched off. The typical guideline for most tanks is to switch on the lighting for twelve hours and then turn it off for twelve hours. But in a confined aquarium with unnatural submersible led lights aquarium, this would provide the fish with just a sensation of day and nighttime.

How do I set up an aquarium light timer?

Remember that the regularity of the light period is just as crucial as the length of the illumination. The sun begins and sets at the usual standard time throughout nature. Time passes, although it does so gradually. Because most individuals are unable to replicate this constancy, it is advised that an automated timer be used.

To arrange aquatic light timers, connect the aquarium lighting outlet into the automated timer rather than the wall outlet. The clock is then connected to a power supply. The automated timer would be able to regulate the illumination at the sources as a result of this. These electromechanical clocks, which are still the more popular form of aquarium timer, maybe set up as follows:

  • Disconnect and switch off the tank lights.
  • Determine the clock on the electromechanical timer by moving the needle counterclockwise until the indicator corresponds to the specific time.
  • Press the pins downwards to program the duration you want the lighting to stay on.
  • Press the pins to program the time you want the lighting to be turned off.
  • Connect the aquarium lamp plug to the electromechanical timer.
  • Connect the mechanical timer’s connector to a power supply, including a wall socket.