The various uses of aluminium extrusion

Aluminium is an excellent metal and is liked by all due to its versatility in usage. The mainfeatures of this metal are being light in weight, shine, strength, and resistance to corrosion. The following are some of the uses of aluminium profile singapore.

  • Use in architecture: Aluminium is used in various forms in building constructions. A range of applications suit this metal. They are suited for railings, canopies, facades, etc. Aluminium is both stiff and at the same time lightweight. Suspended ceilings are also made up of aluminium. The feature of being lightweight makes it usable for many purposes.
  • Aluminium is a good conductor of electricity. So its usage can also be found in making electrical equipment. It is also used in lighting. Solar panel support structures also use aluminium extrusion. This is because the metal is corrosion-resistant and has high strength, being lightweight at the same time. It also makes a very good radiator and so can be used in lighting.
  • Aluminium has a lot of industrial applications too. Work benches, inspection tables are all made of aluminium only as it weighs less. The frames that are made for guarding machines are also made using aluminium extrusions.
  • The benches used for display purposes at a trade show is made up of this excellent metal. It is easier to assemble the extruded pieces and they can be made to easily interlock.
  • Windows and door systems and frames are also made using aluminium. The main reason for this is that they don’t wilt like wood and do not rust like iron.