Building Careers in Data Science & Analytics

For Students For Employers

Building Careers in Data Science & Analytics

For Students For Employers

Building Careers in Data Science & Analytics

For Students For Employers

Data Science and Analytics Boot Camp – CDAP Program

Step up your career by earning a Data Science and Analytics Certificate after successfully completing the Certified Data Analytics Practitioner (CDAP) Program. The CDAP Program is a 12 week intensive training offered in New York for people who want to transition careers into the fields of Data Science, Data Analytics, Business Analytics and Big Data Analytics. The CDAP Program is designed by long-time leaders in the data field, including executives from American Express, GE, McKinsey, Goldman Sachs, Vimeo, IBM and Pfizer as well as graduates from Harvard Business School, Columbia University and Princeton University.

Learn Data Science and Analytics from Top Faculty

We at rSQUAREedge believe that teachers make a big difference to the student learning experience. Hence, we have assembled an amazing group of faculty members all of whom have deep practical expertise in their craft. Our faculty members have taught or worked at these major universities and companies.


Improve Career Prospects

Today CEOs everywhere are urgently building data science and analytics teams to cope with the world of Big Data. The CDAP Program will train you with not only on the technical expertise required for landing a job in this field but also provide you with in-depth, hands-on career guidance throughout the program and ample opportunities to grow your professional network.  We hope all our students have their dream job by the time they are graduating.

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  • Jan 27, 2017 – Apr 20, 2017
    Spring Cohort


  • What most coding and technical classes can teach you is the ability to absorb a particular language and its nuances, but Prof Fung’s class groomed me with a critical and analytical mindset towards handling complex data problems, the potential to model data based on core statistical concepts, and the ability to determine the integrity of data in a very realistic way. I definitely think the world of analytics needs more Professors like Prof Kaiser Fung because anyone can teach you numbers but not everyone can give you a “Numbersense”. Read More...

  • Taking Kaiser Fung’s class on careers in data science was invaluable to my recent career change from the music business to analytics. Kaiser is one of the few people in the data arena who is a high-powered scientist, a great communicator, and has had extensive business experience. Kaiser’s perspective takes in everything from coding to management skills from the highest levels of academia and business. Read More...